Collaborations are what make my world go round.

Slow Fashion at it's finest

Lui Luis Loves Bugs

This collaboration feels like a match made in heaven. I met Lisa from Couture Lui Luis many years ago at a concert.

Soon after, I found out that she was a tailor and so I asked her if she would be interested in collaborating - me doing the fabric design work, her designing and sewing a collection. In 2019 we launched our first Lui Luis Loves Bugs Collection - it was an eyeopener for me. I had no idea working with someone could be so much fun.

2022 Lui Luis Loves Bugs 2.0 came out with new pieces and new fabrics.

Stay tuned for when and where we will next be showing our collection.

Miss Poppy's Meets BugLady

I met miss poppy's through another collaboration: Frauen* stärken Frauen*.

miss poppy's is a small, personal soap factory in the city of Bern. She produces handmade care products for everyday use. Her focus is on the love of beauty and design without sacrificing functionality. Her goal is to make mundane and trivial things like washing your hands or taking a shower an experience.

Our project is still a little secret, but let's just say there will be moon phases, herbs, salts and oils involved.

Creative Collective

LES ATELIERS is where a lot of the magic happens. It's the shared space of Couture Lui Luis and myself. It's also our shared web store and a network of people from Bern who create.