Tattoo Commissions

Enquiries about custom designed tattoo commissions are welcomed. You can message me to discuss prices and ideas.

You can also use existing designs but you must take the following steps.

1. Send me a private message via Instagram DM or at my contact email letting me know of your intention to have my design tattooed. If you are taking a concept from one of my designs but changing it a bit, this also applies.

2. As I have spent time and money to create designs, I ask for a reasonable CHF 20 commission fee to use my art and design concepts. This can be made via PayPal.

If you find a design online you can usually pretty easily reverse image search or trace it back to the artist.

This is basic respect for people’s work, time, money and energy spent to create things and we need to acknowledging and support our artists.

I also expect tattooists to give me a heads up if your client has failed to do so.